Comparing Sony Xperia Z2 vs Sony Xperia Z1

1. Sony Xperia Z2

50 Reasons why Sony Xperia Z2 is better

Comparing Sony Xperia Z2 vs Sony Xperia Z1

1.Significantly faster CPU clock speed
4 x 2.3GHzvs 4 x 2.2GHz (Sony Xperia Z1)
2.Notably bigger screen size
5.2"vs 5" (Sony Xperia Z1)
The bigger the screen size is, the better the user experience.
3.Appreciably more RAM memory
3GBvs 2GB (Sony Xperia Z1)
4.Measurably more megapixel (photo, front camera)
2.2MPvs 2MP (Sony Xperia Z1)
5.Has branded damage resistant glass
Yesvs No (Sony Xperia Z1)
Damage resistant glass (such as Corning Gorilla Glass or Asahi Dragontail Glass) is thin and lightweight, and can withstand high levels of force.
8.2mmvs 8.5mm (Sony Xperia Z1)
7.Notably better video recording quality
2,160 x 30fpsvs 1,080 x 30fps (Sony Xperia Z1)
73.3mmvs 73.9mm (Sony Xperia Z1)
9.Supports slow motion video recording
Yesvs No (Sony Xperia Z1)
10.Significantly less body volume
88cm³vs 90.7cm³ (Sony Xperia Z1)
11.RAM (Dual-channel) LPDDR3
Better memory speed and energy consumption
12.Dualshock 3 Controller Ready
This Xperia can use Dualshock 3 via Bluetooth officially. No root required
13.Safer waterproof feature
This phone's cap is unremovable and cant pass water but in the galaxy S5 if the cαπ will open your phone will be fully destroyed
14.Quick emergancy mode
15.More battery power
16.It has MHL 3.0
Its the only phone with MHL 3.0 which supports 4k output to TV
17.1/2.3 sensor
Better photo and video
18.5 lenses
better photo and video
19.Fastest focus on 4K Video Capture
This Camera Focuses Faster than smasung galaxy S5 Camera In 4K
20.Bravia Engine
Enchance your Image More better
21.RGB lighting with the addition of red and green phosphorus
Better display
22.Better Quality
premium quality Glass from back and front and Aluminium from sides
23.Xloud Clear Audio
Better sound and clear the audio
24.More fast for download
it's 21,4 mbps and the other 7,12 mbps
25.Camera Live Streaming
This phone can live stream on facebook and this is unique
26.Alaminium body
more strong body
27.Has lifelog application
28.Has nxt robot mind
29.Backgroud defocus
a very good focus
30.The most vivid screen in the world
includes the most vibrent clear and real screen in the world
31.Lentille photo amovible pour smartphone DSC-QX100
32.Faster downloads
33.Better interface
34.Dedicated 2 stage camera button
35.Reboot without reseting
36.Allow External Memory card
accept up to 128GB of micro sd card. More memory, more data
37.Dual front facing stereo speakers
better sound
38.جكارة بنذير
39.Better Crafting Materials
This phone is made by alluminium and glass no plastic and this looks very nice
40.Significantly more megapixel
41.Fibercarbon alminum and glasses use for body
42.Has a camera button
On the side has camera button which is great when taking picture
43.Dual channel RAM
1.5 times faster than one channel RAMs
44.Dual stereo speekers with xloud and clear audio+
45.Bootloader unlockable (and relockable)
On this device the bootloader is locked, but it can be unlocked and relocked by user, depending on his needs.
Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 MSM8974AB v3
Yesvs No (Sony Xperia Z1)
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2. Sony Xperia Z1

25 Reasons why Sony Xperia Z1 is better

Comparing Sony Xperia Z1 vs Sony Xperia Z2

1.A shade more battery power
3050mAhvs 3000mAh (Sony Xperia Z2)
2.Modestly higher pixel density
441ppivs 424ppi (Sony Xperia Z2)
3.Wireless charging
Yesvs No (Sony Xperia Z2)
The manufacturer offers a branded wireless charging kit. To charge the device, you simply put it down on its charging base.
144.4mmvs 146.8mm (Sony Xperia Z2)
5.PlayStation Mobile Certified
This Xperia can play apps & games from PlayStation Mobile platform. US/EU PSN ID is required to use this feature.
6.Has glass back
A glass back looks nice
7.Supports Dualshock 3 Controller
You can use PS3 Controller to play games on Sony Xperia Z1
8.It's made with premium material's
The premiun naterials add more durability to the phone
9.Burst shot with flash
it can take burst shots with flash
10.Face unlock
11.BRAVIA® Engine 3
it maded for LCD screen and special for sony LCD'S for more experiance in the quality of images
12.Has timeshift burst
takes 61 shots in one touch and it looks like a motion pic
13.Info eye
A better way to get knowledge and infos by the camera app
14.Has exmor rs
more better in low light
15.Xz1 has a bionz chip in camera xz1
more better quality sensor and picture
16.Camera xz1 the best
because can take great quality picture underwater
17.Social live
videos are telecasted lively
18.Ar mode
augumented reality mode is awesome
19.Has a secret force restart button
you can this feature if your handphone gor hang in homescreen or another in running application
20.More stand by time
as we are not gonna use our phone all the day standby mode is useful which is better in z1 when compared to note 3
21.Iphone пеоценивает свои девайсы
Iphone 4s стоит около 17000, такая де цена у sony z1, хотя по характеристикам сони лучше во всем
22.Built with premium materials
Aluminum frame, tempered glass front and back, and sony's omnibalance design which is futuristic
23.Have a Lolipop 5.0.2
24.Price of a beer is cheaper
The price of the same amount of beer is definitely cheaper
25.Posee BIONZ
BIONZ es un motor independiente de procesamiento de las imagenes
Sony Xperia Z1
Sony Xperia Z1 specs
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