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1. FC Köln
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1. FC Köln review: 32 facts and highlights

1. more doubles won

The team won the national league and cup in the same season.
VfL Wolfsburg 2017/18: 0

2. Year of foundation

The year when the club was founded.
Hamburger SV 2017/18: 1887

3. more league titles

The league title is the most prestigious honour a team can win domestically (for example, the English Premier League, the Spanish La Liga, the Italian Serie A).
VfL Wolfsburg 2017/18: 1

4. more league cups

The league cup is a domestic trophy competition in which only the teams in the top divisions can compete. It is the least prestigious of the domestic honours.
VfL Wolfsburg 2017/18: 0

5. more national cups

The annual national competitions, like the FA Cup in England (which is the oldest cup competition in the world), Copa del Rey in Spain, or DFB-Pokal in Germany.
VfL Wolfsburg 2017/18: 1

6. more FIFA Club World Cups attended

The winners of the AFC Champions League (Asia), CAF Champions League (Africa), CONCACAF Champions League (North America, Central America and Caribbean), Copa Libertadores (South America), OFC Champions League (Oceania) and UEFA Champions League (Europe), along with the host nation's national champions, participate in a straight knock-out tournament.
VfL Wolfsburg 2017/18: 0

7. more UEFA Champions League cups

Known today as UEFA Champions League, this is Europe’s premier club competition in which clubs from different European countries compete. The winner will then compete in the FIFA Club World Cup.
VfL Wolfsburg 2017/18: 0

8. more UEFA Champions League finals played

The number of times when the team was playing in the UEFA Champions League final.
VfL Wolfsburg 2017/18: 0

9. more UEFA Europa League cups

The UEFA Europa League is a European football competition made up of teams that narrowly miss out on the Champions League qualifications in their respective countries.
VfL Wolfsburg 2017/18: 0

10. more players selected for national teams

The number of players who play for their country’s national team.
VfL Wolfsburg 2017/18: 8

11. more trebles won

The team won the domestic league, cup and UEFA Champions League in the same season.
VfL Wolfsburg 2017/18: 0

12. more fans attending the games

The average number of fans who attended the team’s games during the last season.
VfL Wolfsburg 2017/18: 28886

13. larger stadium

VfL Wolfsburg 2017/18: 30000seats

14. more goals scored

The number of goals scored by the team in the last season of the league competition.
VfL Wolfsburg 2017/18: 47

15. less goals received

The number of goals received by the team in the last season of the league competition.
VfL Wolfsburg 2017/18: 49

16. more games won

The number of games the team won in the last season of the league competition.
VfL Wolfsburg 2017/18: 12

17. less games lost

The number of games the team lost in the last season of the league competition.
VfL Wolfsburg 2017/18: 13

18. less games ended with a draw

The number of games ended in a draw in the last season of the league competition.
VfL Wolfsburg 2017/18: 9

19. higher Forbes value ranking

Each year Forbes publishes a list of the most valuable football clubs in the world based on revenue earned, debt, operating income, and other key criteria.

20. more winners of the FIFA Ballon d’Or

The number of players who have won the FIFA world player of the year award while representing the club.
VfL Wolfsburg 2017/18: 0

21. more Facebook fans


22. Has an official charity foundation

1. FC Köln
0% have it

23. more shots per game

The average number of shots per game, calculated using last season’s data.
VfL Wolfsburg 2017/18: 14.5

24. better UEFA club ranking

The Club Coefficient Rankings are based on the results of clubs competing in the five previous seasons of the UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League.

25. Team size

The total number of team players, including substitutes.
Hamburger SV 2017/18: 33

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