Meet Harley Davidson’s First Electric Motorcycle

This beast is no electric scooter…

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© 2017 Harley Davidson

Harley Davidson is one of the world’s most influential and famous motorcycle manufacturers, so when they decide it’s time for something new, you just know it’s going to make waves. And make waves they have with the company’s first ever fully electric motorcycle: Project Livewire.  

But this is no slow electric scooter, no, this is a vehicle which exudes speed and power. Featuring a classically inspired, but nonetheless high-tech design, the vehicle represents Harley Davidson’s vision of how the motorcycle of the future should look. Made up of clean lines, black curving panels, and red trimming lights, this is a vehicle which would suit even the most hardcore of motorcycling enthusiasts.

Halfway between a jet fighter and a dynamo, while still retaining a distinctive electric whine.

Of course, when it comes to motorbikes, sound is just as important as looks and aesthetics. For this reason, Harley Davidson has gone to lengths to provide customers with a feeling of how the bike will sound. And boy does it sound cool. Halfway between a jet fighter and a dynamo, while still retaining a distinctive electric whine, Project Livewire sounds like a technological lighting bolt just passed you by.

Despite its already refined look, the Project Livewire motorcycle is nonetheless a prototype. Harley Davidson has announced its intention to take the vehicle on a tour around the US to find out more about how potential customers feel about the bike. Everyday people will be encouraged to try their hand at riding the bike and then providing their thoughts to the company on how the motorcycle could be changed or improved. This tour will then be expanded in 2015 into Canadian and European markets.

A full gallery of press shots of this amazing new beast of a vehicle can be seen below:

Images: © 2014 Harley Davidson