Samsung Doesn’t Want to Miss Out On Android Wear

The company is rumoured to be debuting a new smartwatch at Google I/O

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With Google annual developer conference, Google I/O just around the corner, most are anticipating that the public will finally get a good look at Android Wear. While bits and pieces of the wearables-focused operating system have been shown off previously, Google has yet to officially debut the product.

Currently, Google has confirmed that the OS will initially be debuted on two devices, the LG G-Watch and the Motorola Moto360. Now, tech website CNET is reporting on rumours which suggest that Samsung will also be revealing their own Android Wear-enabled smart watch at Google I/O.

Competition in the wearables sector is heating up very quickly.

The smartwatch device will be similar to the previous gear products released earlier this year. CNET suggests that the new device may also be powered by Qualcomm chipsets rather than the in-house Samsung chips used in previous devices. It will be interested to see as well, whether Samsung choses to add any of the new health-based sensors which it developed for its open Simband hardware platform.

Regardless of the tech which the device includes, should this rumour be true, it once again confirms the fact that competition in the wearables sector is heating up very quickly. With PC sales in seemingly permanent decline, and smartphones reaching saturation point, manufacturers are looking for a new area to expand into, and wearables fit this requirement nicely.

We can expect to hear much more about all the next wearable devices being launched by major manufacturers on Wednesday the 25th, when Google I/O finally kicks off.