I'm Going Down To South Park, Gonna Have Myself a VR Time

Tour South Park, Co. in Virtual Reality on the Oculus Rift

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With 45,000 pre-orders of the Oculus Rift, in advance of its rumoured July shipment, it’s no surprise that lots of cool VR applications have started springing up.

A virtual reality set of the infamous town of South Park, Co. has appeared this month, thanks to a designer team who wanted a fun project they could work on to improve their VR design skills. The team, who call themselves Tool have created a map of the snowy mountain town by taking inspiration “from other renditions of the city of South Park, such as the most recent video game ‘Stick of Truth’ and the season 17 show intro”.

Tool says:

The idea for the project came in late May. We started with three goals in mind for the experiment. One, from a tech point of view, to sharpen our Unity and Oculus Rift development skills—two, from a creative point of view, to reimagine a well known story by allowing the user to experience it in the first person and—three, to finish the project in time to share with our friends at the Cannes Lions Advertising Festival.

But before you get too excited, the experience isn’t really a game. You can just wander around the townscape bumping into characters, albeit Butters and co. 

Check out the site here