Take A Tour On Board A Cruise Liner With Google

Street View on the high seas

Head Image
© 2017 Wikipedia Commons

Google’s street view has seen its fair share of controversy since its initial launch, but nonetheless it is one of the best tools we have for exploring places we have never before been. From the deserts of Australia, to the frozen tundra of Iceland, Google Street View can show us the world like never before.

But Google isn’t content to just have terrestrial environments in their database, they are now expanding into the nautical.  Collaborating with cruise shipping company ‘Royal Caribbean’ Google has now created the worlds first virtual tour of a cruise ship. And what a cruise ship they have chosen! The MS Allure of the Seas, is the largest passenger ship in world, surpassed only in size (not luxury) by a Nimitz-class aircraft carrier.

Check it out in all it’s splendor in the image gallery below:

Images: © 2014 Royal Caribbean