4 Scary Military Robots That You Don’t Want To Piss Off

These guys make the Terminator look tame

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1. BigDog

Much like a pack mule or (strangely enough) a big dog, BigDog is a quadrupedal mechanical monster designed to carry equipment for soldiers in war zones. Designed to be stable no matter what surface it is walking on, Big Dog can be kicked, tipped, and shoved, without ever losing its balance.

2. Atlas

Like something out of your nightmares, Atlas is a bipedal robot with a sinister titanium body. With four hydraulic limbs, the robot can walk in a similar way to a human. While it is designed with search and rescue in mind, it is likely that should this robot get more advanced, it could easily appear on the battlefield.

3. Gladiator

The previous two robots might have looked creepy but they weren’t packing any real firepower. Gladiator on the other hand, does. Looking like a small tank, and armed with a M249 SAW machine gun, this small robot is not something you want to meet on the field of battle.


While the other robots on this list could walk, run or roll, none of them could climb. That is until RISE was developed. Built by Boston Dynamics, the same company behind BigDog and Atlas, RISE is a robot that is made to easily scale walls, trees and other obstacles in an effort to infiltrate into areas.