We Answer the Burning Question On Everyone's Lips: Is It GIF Or Jif?f

The biggest debate since whether Al Gore invented the Internet

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Forget scohne or scon, the real pronunciation debate lies with the GIF. And what actually is the right answer?

Seeing as the “G” in GIF stands for graphics (Graphics Interchange Format to be precise), naturally it should be pronounced G, right? Well, no, actually. According to the man behind the moving image himself Mr Steve Wilhite, its JIF, “like the peanut butter”. Sooo, Jraphics? And he wasn’t afraid to set the record straight when collecting an award for his popular creation, projecting a clear message on screen that said “it’s pronounced JIF not GIF”.

2012 marked the year that the GIF celebrated both its 25th anniversary, and being the Oxford American Dictionary’s word of the year (which, by the way, clearly notes its acceptance of both pronunciations).

Most die-hard GIF fans (as well as Obama) claim the popular hard-G GIF makes the most linguistic sense, but if you want to stand by the GIF father himself (or like me, apparently just can’t read words properly), then the JIF is for you. Glad we cleared that one up.