Access Denied: A Really Exclusive Version of Facebook

And you can't get in.

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Facebook have a new app called Facebook Mentions. But stop right there. It's not for you or me. This app is so exclusive that neither love nor money will be able to let you gain access. Sorry about you.

The catch is that the app is for famous people only. Yes, celebrities and public figures. You must have a verified Facebook Page to gain access, and without a dedicated page to you, no can do.  

"You are entitled to your opinion, but Colour Purple was a great movie"

Having a celeb-only Facebook app sounds a bit unnecessary, but my hunch is that they want to circumvent Twitter for its ability to get public figures to connect directly with their fanbase. Nearly 800 million people are connected to people with verified pages and there are more than a billion interactions between celebrities and their fans on Facebook every week. Facebook wants to amplify these interactions.

Someone who has been having fun on the new Mentions app is Whoopi Goldberg, who scolded a fan for saying that she hasn't been in any cool films. She replied "You are entitled to your opinion, but Colour Purple was a great movie. Ghost, Long Walk Home. I've made about 80. have you seen any of them? Lion King?" Whoopi was certainly having the last laugh. 

This is all thanks to a feature of the app that lets users like Whoopi see what fans are saying in a dedicated mentions feed. The celebrities can also see which topics are trending, see shout-outs from other celebrities and media, and start mobile Q&A sessions.