iPhones Will Be Able To Lock Out Users It Doesn't Recognise

Apple registers the patent for the new security system

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© 2017 David Goehring - Flickr

Apple stays ahead of the pack with another new innovative patent. It wants to use a system on your iPhone that will lock users that it doesn't recognise out of your device. It's strange to think that we all have our own style when it comes to using devices, but in much the same way people's typing habits vary, our behaviour towards a phone varies.

In this case, if a user deviates from your recognised gestures, your spelling and grammar habits and your specific vocabulary, they will be immediately locked out. The user will be prompted to enter further security information such as an apple ID or a renewed Touch ID fingerprint verification. 

Considering the amount of personal information we store on our phones, security is paramount, and clearly on Apple's agenda.