Korean Baseball Team Replaces Human Fans With Robots

They needed to find a way to persuade people to actually watch them play

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Robots are becoming a scary reality, controlling our homes, our social life and now even replacing us. Totally unknown baseball team the Hanwha Eagles proved just how unpopular they really are by releasing a new video showing a group of faceless avatar robots sitting in the seats where their actual human being fans used to be. The “fanbots” as they have been dubbed, are mechanical figures designed to encourage people at home to participate in live matches by displaying messages from online watchers on LED placards (just admit it guys, nobody cares). You can also put your face onto the top of one of the robots - a slightly cooler feature, until you consider the fact that nobody else will be there to see it happen. With an average of 80 losses per year, its unsurprising that South Korea have resorted to their trusty technology to build an allegiance that will never abandon them. No matter how badly they play.