Want to Be More Spontaneous?

Last minute flight deals made easy

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"Need to get out of Dodge? With Flight Tonight, find flight deals from your location leaving today. Book your ticket while you're on your way to the airport."

I like the sound of this. It's not like I always need exactly to get out of 'Dodge' but I've definitely been one of those creatures who ends up paying through the nose for a flight becasue I simply MUST got to that festival/camping trip/birthday party. And then spends the next few weeks eating tins of beans to make up for it. 

For years I always heard that flights go down in price in the few days running up to it. Yet never once in my existence have I witnessed this to be true. Instead I've gotten onto half filled planes, having paid over the odds for a seat, wondering why it wasn't so much cheaper. Nothing wrong with a bit of supply/demand.

I guess airlines don't care so much about filling the seats, when they make up for it with extortionate excess luggage fees, checking-in late fees and other kinds of fees. Flight Tonight could bring the fun back into spontaneous travel by acessing that great untapped resource.