Elon Musk: "Artificial intelligence could be more dangerous than nukes"

Tesla and space x ceo speaks out about future technologies

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This weekend Elon Musk, a man that made his riches from embracing new technologies, took to Twitter to comment on how wary we should be of the creations of the future.

Although famous for founding Tesla, Space X and vocalising his intentions to colonize Mars, his tweets recommend a book that questions how humans will deal with super-intelligent computers, followed by the statement “we need to be super careful [about it]. Potentially more dangerous than nukes”. The worrying comparison follows his terminator statement a few months ago, and brings a controversial sense of eeriness to recent technological developments. Although many are quick to dismiss his comments as a by-product of watching too many sci-fi films, others consider them warnings from a man that has exclusive view of the future developments for technology. He even followed up his original tweet, writing afterwards:

Putting his money where his mouth is, Musk has invested in artificial intelligence research company ‘Vicarious’, a business also backed by Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg and Amazon’s Jeff Bezos. So maybe there is some truth to Musk’s so-called sci-fi fantasies.