Explore mars And The Moon On Google maps With These Secret Steps

Adventuring into space has never been so easy

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If, like the rest of us peasants, your bank balance doesnt't quite cover the cost of a trip to space, then don't worry, Google's got you covered.

To celebrate the anniversary of its Curiosity rover landing on Martian ground, it has added an exciting new feature to maps... 3D explorable views of Mars and the moon! This is more exciting than that time we got a bike for our 10th birthday. And if just like the bike, you're dying to learn how to use it, then these three simple tips below will show you.

1) Go on Google maps (See, we told you it was easy). And click on the square earth icon at the bottom left.

2) Once it changes to this cool 3D view, start zooming out. And keep zooming, as far as you possibly can.

3) Once you can't go any further into the universe, click the two little upward arrows in the bottom right to expand the 'Explore' drawer. (You may be able to skip this step, for some people the 'Explore' tab is already open).

4) Clicking on the little arrows will give you options of the earth, moon or mars. So just click on whichever one you fancy and relish the fact that you can explore the universe without the risk of radiation or running out of oxygen. Oh, and you've saved yourself a little bit of money.