Do You Remember When Your Favourite Sites Looked Like This?

Wow the internet used to be ugly!

Head Image

1) Not only was it called 'the' Facebook but Al Pacino used to be the the header bar. Thank god Zuckerberg came to his senses.

2) It was only founded in 2006 so Twitter hasn't changed that much but there's certainly been a bit of a clean up. Hopefully the owner of that hideous background also made some stylistic changes, too.

3) 1998 certainly wasn't a pretty year for the internet. But with its beta days behind it, Google has since blossomed into a beautiful young woman. Or man. We're not sure which, we're just happy that they got rid of that big turquoise box.

4) Just look at it. That browser... That dashboard... That flower logo. We're sorry you had to see this. 

5) Remember the days when Amazon only sold books? And not everything including the kitchen sink. Although we're not quite sure how they managed to sell anything when their homepage looked like this.