The Best Ice Bucket Challenge Videos From Tech's Biggest Names

They've taken a day off from hating each other to show their support for ALS disease

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If you don't know what the Ice Bucket Challenge is 1) where have you been and 2) Google it. But basically it involves raising money and awareness for ALS (also known as Lou Gehrig's disease) by tipping a bucket of ice over your head to replicate the feeling of numbness that sufferers experience.

And it seems that everyone has taken a day off from hating each other to get involved.


Firstly, Elon Musk enlists the help of his five children and endures the icy temperature with an apt iron man stance.

The day has come. Mark Zuckerberg has smiled. And attempted to make a joke. Although it wasn't very funny, and if they work at Facebook, they will probably now be fired for not laughing politely. 


Bill Gates's funny version features a custom-built soaking machine, as well as the comic sans blueprints for it. We never realised how much of a joker he was before.

Amazon's Bezos contrasts his Star Trek invitations with a child's paddling pool, and also a few jokes about Snowden, the Pope and the Queen. Is there something in the air round Silicon Valley, why is everyone suddenly appearing so normal?

The most heartwarming of them all, Sadya Nadella's drenching features a backdrop of the winning Microsoft Hackathon team who were visited by former NFL player, ALS sufferer and the man that nominated Nadella, Steve Gleason. So. Much. Smiling.

Not only is Apple's bi-weekly 'Beer Bash' actually a thing, but Tim Cook chose it as his icing venue. And there was a singer there to spice the whole thing up even more.

Google's co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin make theirs short and sweet, and they swap microphones at the end to match their t-shirts. Cute.