The World's First 'Smartphone' Launched 20 Years Ago - Here's What It Looked Like

The very first smartphone was launched in the US in 1994

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This year marks the 20 anniversary of the very first 'smartphone'. 

The IBM Simon went on sale to the American public on 16 August 1994 for $899 (the equivalent of $1,500 today). 

The Simon

The phone may not have been called a 'smartphone' back then but it had all the trappings of today's device, combining mobile phone technology with a wide range of computing features. 

Cell phones weren't even in the mainstream at the time, but this phone had the ability to take notes and send emails and it had a calendar function. It also had a stylus and a green LCD screen, similar in size to the iPhone 4, so it truly was way ahead of its time. 

Though if you think today's smartphone battery life is bad, the Simon's lasted for one measly hour. It also weighed in at 500g (1.1lb), so easy to see why it wasn't a major success. 

If you want to check out the phone, it is being put on display at London's Science Museum as part of a curated project in its new Information Age gallery in October. 

Via BBC News