You Are Being Tracked By Google Maps. But You Can Stop It

Here's how you do it

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You mightn't have realised it but Google has been logging your location via Maps on your smartphone, day in day out. If you want to see exactly what Google has on you, check your location history map.

So as you see it, Google knows your whereabouts on any given day - but for those of you who think this is unpleasant, it's rather easy to turn off. 

Turn off location tracking on Android

Go to the Settings app.

Find the 'Location' section.

Press Google Location Reporting option.

Now, change Location History from 'on' to 'off'.

Turn off location tracking on iOS

Go to the Settings app.

Scroll down to Privacy, and tap on 'Location Services'.

You can deactivate all Location Services by setting the top slider to 'off'. If you want to disable specific apps one by one, you can do this by scrolling down and unchecking them, such as Google Maps.

Et voilà.