After All the Fuss, Obedient Facebookers Download Messaging App In Record Numbers

Despite initial backlash to Facebook's mandatory messaging app policy, the app is a success

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A lot of Facebookers have been getting into a flap over the company's controversial policy to force all users to download their separate messaging app if they wished to continue to 'chat' on their mobile devices. 

Many user felt that the move was completely redundant and pointless, and many articles have been posted online about ways to circumvent the new system and continue to chat on your iPad and iPhone. 

However, when push came to shove last week when the app was released, over 500 million loyal drones downloaded the new messaging app on Android devices. If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em, I suppose. 

No app has reached the one billion mark yet.

The only other apps that have hit the 500m mark are Facebook's original app, Whatsapp, Gmail and Youtube. No app has reached the one billion mark yet.

The new messenging app has received better reviews for its Android version than fro its iPhone version, getting a 4 star review, in comparison to the 2 star iOS review.