10 Signs That A Social Media Intervention Is Overdue

Is this what your newsfeed has turned into?

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You know what most people on your timeline are eating for dinner.As well as their views on all current issues, no matter how misinformed or controversial.

And whether their baby has talked/crawled/slept/pooped today.You have no use for a tv anymore. Facebook and Twitter offer you a detailed play by play of all sports and major tv shows.As well as constant updates on users soap opera social lives.Even the things that you really didn’t want to know, they will tell you.Every time you log on, you are inundated with PDAs from couples.Or of single girls posting deep, philosophical quotes and song lyrics.And single boys posting pictures of their car or of them in the gym.90% of your 1000 Facebook "friends" are taking selfies.

And frankly, it's all just got a bit too much.