Leaked Images Suggest That This Is The Next Moto X

Evan Blass has released a "retirement gift" to the Twittersphere

Head Image

The successor to the Moto X is expected to be unveiled next week, but notorious leaker Evan Blass may have outed the long-awaited device early, tweeting images of what is apparently the Moto+1. The images show both a matte black and a wooden version of the smartphone which bears the Verizon logo.

Although we can’t confirm that this is the real thing, the device does exhibit an uncanny resemblance to its predecessor, with just a few sophisticated upgrades. For example, both the ring around the camera lens and the brand logo have been made slightly bigger, and two front speaker grilles have been added to the front - a feature that has potentially been pilfered from the HTC One’s BoomSound speakers? The phone appears to be running on an untouched version of Android, although information about the rest of its specifications are, of course, still unknown.

Source: Evan Blass Twitter