Google Glass And The Myo Armband Partner Up To Create The Ultimate Wearable

Google Glass could truly become hands-free

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Wearables: what exactly do you do with them? Now that the excitement of smartwatches and Google glass has kind of worn off, the next step was, naturally, to create the ultimate wearable.

Because no matter how smart Google Glass is, it still has its flaws. For example, how can you operate the touchpad while wearing gloves, or when in a loud situation? With a Myo Armband of course… The armband uses sensors to detect when muscles in a wearers forearm are moving to make a hand signal and translates that into gestures on a screen. The armband’s creators Thalmic Labs are partnering up with several companies - including APX Labs, Augmedix, Recon Instruments and Bridgit - who all make either software and/or hardware for Google’s smart glasses. Co-founder Matthew Bailey declares that his company are “literally changing the way that we, as people, interact with the digital world around us”. Although the geeky-looking glasses are yet to be socially accepted into the real world, there’s no denying their use in other areas, such as when trying to fix, build or move something. Brian Ballard (the CEO of APX Labs)  has commented on why their partnership with Thalmic Labs was such a natural fit for them with their company focusing “on delivering solutions for people in field service, manufacturing or logistics". But Thalmic Lab’s attempt to create the ultimate wearable combo and integration with Google Glass is only the tip of the iceberg in their long array of announcements, as they prepare for public launch next month. Over 40,000 armbands have already been pre-ordered, as well as having attracted $15 million of venture funding from Intel Capital and Spark Capital, to help speed up their revolution of the way in which we interact with our devices.

The Myo Armband is currently available for pre-order for $149.