Things People Didn't Have To Put Up With In The 90s

Thanks, technology.

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PDAs on Facebook/Instagram.

Group messages.

Waking up, hungover, to see that “you have been tagged in 70 photos”. Life without social media must have been so much less embarrassing.

FOMO over everything. Even food makes you jealous. Ahh to be young and oblivious. What we did’t know could’t hurt us.

Not being able to call someone without it being weird. Why has this become a thing?

But also, when people actually do phone people. On the train, next to you in a restaurant, while trying to pay at the cash register. We don't want to hear your conversation, and you're also getting in the way.


Reality TV

Extended family members/potential employers being able to see EVERYTHING about you online. Yep, even those photos. 2012 was a bad year for you and alcohol.

Read reports, last seen at, online now... hiding from people was a lot easier when we all just used letters.