8 Things Only People That Grew Up With Msn Will Understand

Everyones childhood is coming to an end

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MSN is finally shutting down after 15 long years. So we compiled all our favourite memories from our teenage years with the chat service. Farewell old friend, it was good while it lasted.

Asking your friend if someone else was online to check if they had blocked you. And telling people you had to go when the conversation went dry, then blocking them to make sure they couldn’t see through your lies.Saying things like “I like you” to see how people will reply, then saying “Sorry, that was my friend” when they didn’t confess their love back.In fact, we had many tactics on how to entice our crush over MSN. Like signing out and then back in again to get their attention. And you would always wait 10 minutes after signing in to start a conversation with them. It was important to play it cool.Maybe MSN may be the route of all our over-thinking. Remember the fear and tension you used to feel when somebody was taking ages to type. They were definitely about to say something serious.If your cringey email wasn’t bad enough, remember when you used to put the names of people you were with in your name, so people knew you had friends.And when you typed “who else you talking to” and “g2g” at least once a day.It taught you patience. Taking about 5 hours to send a song. And reminding you to take a deep breath once you’d sent too many nudges.We owe it a lot for teaching us how to type as fast as we can today.