Asus Is Set To Unveil The Most Attractive Smartwatch Yet On Wednesday

Teaser trailer shows off a stunning new design

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© 2017 Asus - Youtube

In two days from now the best-looking Android Wear smartwatch will be revealed for just $199... apparently. Titled the ZenWatch, this is Asus' first foray into the wearables market, alluring users with not just its competitive pricing, but its apparent inclusion of voice control features in English and chinese. (although its unclear how this will differ from Android Wear's already integrated commands). As manufacturers are only able to modify Android Wear to a certain extent these new features could potentially be added through an app. The phone is not expected to be directly linked to a smartphone, and although being released next week, will not be available until October, although its all still rumours right now. However, from the teaser trailer we do have a vague idea of what the Asus smartwatches exterior will look like, sporting a curved watch face with a brushed metal exterior not dissimilar to the design it uses on its laptops.