The Most Uncool Thing To Launch On Kickstarter Today

Introducing the MovPak

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If a picture can speak a thousand words, is there really anything left to be said about this, this skateboard-backpack? Fearing I was being too harsh in my estimation of this latest Kickstarter project, whose SUPER EARLY BIRD SPECIAL DEAL will set you back an undignified $999, I sent to the promo video to a friend, who confirmed that the Movpak, skateboard-backpack is the “crappest invention I've seen for a while. I'm actually astounded it's a thing."

One thing’s for sure, scrolling down the pledge bar will give you a laugh. With $8,890’s worth of a pledge, you’ll get 8 unsightly Movpaks - but if you want it shipped to you, forget it. They won’t even throw in a measly helmet. Good luck to these guys.