Charity Rejects Reddit's Pity Money For Looking At Celebs' Stolen Nudes

Prostate cancer foundation turns down money raised from 'The Fappening'

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Yesterday, guilt-ridden Reddit users attempted to absolve their guilty consciences over sharing and viewing private stolen images of celebrities by raising over $6,000 for the Prostate Cancer Foundation. However, the organisation has returned all the donations given “out of respect for everyone involved and in keeping with our own standards” further stating that they do not and will never “condone raising funds for cancer research in this manner”. Arguably worse than the illegal violation of privacy are the accompanying comments, which even on a donations page show a worrying lack of empathy, allegedly donating money because “Jennifer Lawrence has donated to help cure prostate cancer”.

The money was raised on the the now-infamous section of Reddit ‘r/TheFappening’, where the nude photos of more than 100 celebrities were leaked, as a result of an iCloudhack electronic break-in (or several of them).

Masturbation (commonly referred to on Reddit by the term “fap”), may potentially reduce the risk of prostate cancer, leading to the page being set up inviting others to atone by giving money to the relevant charity, and the page quickly became a top donor on PCF’s leaderboard.

But this is just one of many incidents that have followed the mass photo leak, which is now seemingly going by the #celebgate hashtag on Twitter. While Apple has confirmed that celebrities iCloud accounts “were compromised” it denies a security breach, as well as hundreds of questions circulating the internet about online privacy, women themselves and now, the apparent inclusion of child pornography in the leaked photos.

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