Video Images: Customers Camp Outside Apple Store in NYC

Customers queue outside an Apple Store in New York City, awaiting the launch event for the new iPhone

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© 2017 Chris Ford - Flickr

The frenzy of speculation surrounding Apple's launch has been unprecedented. There have been reports of people queuing at the Fifth Avenue flagship store for weeks now. Below we have footage taken from a few days ago of people who are camping out with tents, awaiting the launch of the iPhone 6 and other Apple products. The new products are expected to be announced at a press conference event today, September 9, although the actual release date of the products could be later.

Rumored new devices and services include iPhone 6, iPhone 6L, iWatch, iOS 8, HomeKit, HealthKit, iPad Air 2, Mac OS X. People are most likely queuing for but most likely iPhone 6. Apple sent out a teaser invitation this week stating "9.9.2014. Wish we could say more"..

Video: New York Minute