Need Help With Your iPhone's New Features? Just Ask An Android User, We've Had This Stuff For Years

Has anyone told Apple it's not 2012 anymore?

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The iPhone 6 is not only lacking innovation, but its “new” features have actually already been around for years on Android devices.

For example, the Nexus 4 which was released back in 2012 featured almost exactly the same specs as yesterday’s $299 handset. A 760p resolution (the iPhone 6 only has a 750p one), a 4.7-inch screen, NFC payments, notification actions, third party keyboards and typing suggestions, cross-app communication and cloud photo backup.

Maybe in 2016 Apple users will finally get to enjoy some other “modern” features that Android users currently enjoy, like waterproofing, wireless charging, infrared blasters, selectable default apps, split-screen apps, app installs from a browser and virtual buttons. Lucky them.