Friends, The TV Show, Is Back! But Not In The Way You'd Expect

How could this be?

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© 2017 William Warby

Friends, one of the ultimate 90s TV shows is back, but perhaps not in the way you might think. One superfan has recreated Friends in Sims-form, and it’s really quite cool.

Ian Roach has recreated all of our favourite Friends locations from Central Perk, to Monica and Rachel’s unforgettable purple-walled apartment, to Joey and Chandler’s bach-pad across the way.

While the creation would not be possible without The Sims increasingly customisable features, much of the credit has to be attributed to Roach himself, whose obvious attention to detail and programming skills have made the recreation so authentic.

This is obviously something Roach takes a keen interest in doing - if you find his name on in the Sims Gallery, “ian8000”, you can see that he has already created worlds of other classic TV shows such as Seinfeld and Arrested Development. If he does Frasier I’ll be truly happy.

You can check out more photos on Roach’s Imgur account.

Images: Ian Roach Imgur