The Man Who Spread The Hacked Naked Photos Is Complaining That His Privacy Has Been Invaded

Claims he has done nothing wrong

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The man behind the notorious Reddit forum tastefully named The Fappening is not just refusing to admit he’s done nothing wrong, but is also complaining that HIS privacy has been violated. John Randall Meneses, from Las Vegas, posted the hacked pictures of 101 naked celebrities but states that he hasn’t done anything wrong because the images were “already out there”.

He also joked that “I’ve never taken any naked photos of myself and I don’t plan to”, his words and blame resonating with comments from celebrities such as Ricky Gervais, who said that the famous female figures themselves were to blame for taking the photos. He alluded to the controversy surrounding the hack, and the opposing views people hold: “If people want to call me a hero or a cyber warrior then I’m not going to stop them”.

But most ironic of all is Meneses complaints about the scandal, stating that now his OWN privacy has been invaded after he collected the lewd images for his mass participation in The Fappening, despite the gross invasion of privacy and embarrassment the celebrities have suffered.