A Microsoft Marketing Fail of Epic Proportions

We almost feel sorry for them

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Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3, despite being widely regarded as a very good productivity device, doesn’t quite have the same level of name recognition as Apple’s iPad. This is more of a testament to Apple’s massive marketing empire than it is to any particular failure on Microsoft’s part. Indeed, the company is spending millions getting its devices and systems into popular TV shows and other high-viewership events.

Its latest attempt at this was a 400-million dollar deal with the US NFL football league, whereby the company provided Microsoft Surface tablets to a wide array of coaches and players, and attached its branding to many stadium fixtures. Given the amount of money spent, its almost sad how much this has backfired.

Image: © 2014 Microsoft

Microsoft’s marketing money is going directly into promoting the iPad

As reported by Business Insider, several commentators have been referring to the Microsoft Surface’s being used by these players and coaches, not by its correct name, but as an ‘iPad’. Others, knowing that they are not iPads, yet forgetting their actual names have simply called the tablets ‘iPad-like tools’.

Knowing this, it seems that Microsoft’s marketing money is going directly into promoting the Apple iPad. While it is unlikely that they will cancel the sponsorship deal, the company will probably double-down on “educating” commentators and other people involved on the real name of these devices. Whether this will be enough to rescue this rather spectacular campaign failure remains to be seen.