The Crazy Amounts People Will Pay To Get An Early iPhone 6

We have but one question - ‘Why?’

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The iPhone 6, for better or worse, is the most hotly anticipated device of this year. It seems everyone wants their hands on the new Apple device, and supply has massively outstripped demand. This public reaction has overwhelmed Apple, and while the first iPhone 6 models were supposed to be arriving in just over a week, for many it may take much longer than this due to their relative scarcity.

But what if, a) you have far too much money that you know what to do with, and b) you just cannot wait to get the new iPhone 6? Then you can go to eBay like tens of others and buy one of the first iPhone 6 models for an exorbitant price. While the first listings on eBay sold the phones unlocked for a little more that half their retail price (around $2000) now, due to supply problems, the price has continued to increase.

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Most listings hover around the $3000-4000 mark, and there are no lack of bids on these phones. In addition, users have been seen asking for as high as $7000 for just a single phone. Why anyone would pay so much money for a phone which really isn't that good, and will be much cheaper in little more than 2 weeks begs belief, however it nevertheless proves that the Cult of Apple is alive and well, even among the very rich.