Invention That Blocks Driver From Texting, But Not Other Passengers

FAU Professor has come up with a solution for ongoing problem of people texting while driving

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It is universally acknowledged that texting while driving is incredibly dangerous. Yet people still do it, all the time. Even though it’s illegal in a lot of countries, people ignore the law and put their lives and the lives of others at risk.

While many people have generated ideas to combat the behaviour, nothing has proved successful so far. However, Dr. Daniel Raviv, an engineering and computer science professor from Florida Atlantic University, has come up with a novel way of deterring drivers from texting, which actually might prove successful.

Raviv has invented software that disables a mobile phone from sending and receiving messages while the car is in motion. The interesting part of Raviv’s invention is that the software is smart enough to figure out the driver of the car, so that only the driver’s phone is disabled, while other passengers in the vehicle can still use their phones.

"If we can save lives, hey, that's fantastic. That's my goal."

"The purpose is to not allow the driver to text," Raviv told the Sun Sentinel. "That's the key issue of this invention. It blocks the driver and allows passengers to text. We can identify the driver."

Raviv wants to be able to incentivise the device by partnering with insurance companies that might offer discounts to people who commit to using the device.

Raviv’s goal is ultimately to help curb the number of people who end up in hospital because of texting while driving.

"I like to do things that can make a difference in the community," he said. "If we can save lives, hey, that's fantastic. That's my goal."