Apple Tightens Up Cloud Security in Response To Celebrity Leak

Apple have introduced new measures to make it harder to crack the cloud

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Apple have introduced an extra step to its current two-step verification process in order to further safeguard data Apple customers store on its ‘cloud’.

It has been suggested that the highly publicised celebrity hack was the result of the use of third-party software - this new security step should prevent this type of software from being able to mine Apple’s iCloud. This should come as a relief to people concerned over the security of Apple’s internet storage service.

The new step is still optional, but many believe that this should be made compulsory.

The new step is the addition of a four-digit code that must be entered after a user has already entered their username and password. This will only appear on devices the account holder has not used before. If the code is entered incorrectly, the person will be locked out of not only iCloud, but will be blocked from buying anything on iTunes, iBooks, or the App Store. A 14-character recovery code can be issued to restore things to normal.