Don't Freak Out - 'Spider in Da House' App Will Identify 8-Legged Intruders

Ecologists have launched the app to coincide with spider mating season

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Autumn marks the mating season for spiders, so prepare for the annual invasion of 8-legged intruders into your home.

If you have an irrational fear of spiders, like me, thanks to Frank Marshall’s 1990 film, Arachnophobia, perhaps its time to demystify the freaky creatures by learning about them.

Spiders in Da House is a recently launched app from the British Society of Biology that lets you identify the spider in your house. The app lists descriptions and photographs of some of the most common spiders found in homes from 660 species in the UK. The most common species are the European garden spider (Arraneus didaematus), the large hairy spiders Tegenaria genus and the Pholcidae family which are often mistaken for Daddy longlegs (which are actually a type of fly).

 Images: Spider in Da House

Professor Adam Hart from the University of Gloucestershire says on the Society of Biology website: "Many species of spider can take a wrong turn and end up in homes by mistake. These generally die unless they find their way back out as it is too warm and dry in our homes and there is no food available to them. A small number of spiders, however, have adapted to living indoors. The Spider in da House app also has photos and information to help identify the spiders we share our homes with."   

  Images: Spider in Da House

Via The Guardian