8 Of The Funniest Tweets About The Scottish Independence Vote

#indyref is a source of comedy gold!

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Today the United Kingdom is holding a historical referendum on the independence of the northern ‘country’ of Scotland. Should they vote no, they will remain in the United Kingdom, while a yes vote would separate them from their 200-plus year marriage with England, Wales and Ireland. Twitter of course had a lot to say about this, and you can read some of their amusing reactions below

People began with mocking the UK’s somewhat hypocritical perspective on national unions.


Then they expressed their concern at the lengths to which the UK would go to to keep Scotland...


And what the leaders would do personally to make them stay…


Not to mention their reactions if Scotland should leave


Others couldn’t help seeing the flaws in the ‘Yes’ campaign too.


They also found support in unlikely places…


And discussed the ramifications of succession…

But nonetheless we won’t know the end of this story till tonight.