Apple's Not Shutting Down Beats, But They Will Probably Rename It

Rumours have been circulating about Apple's plans for Beats

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Since Apple bought Beats Music in June for $3 billion, speculation abounds about what potential changes might happen to the brand. Only yesterday Techcrunch reported that Apple plans to shut down Beats’ subscription streaming service.

"Not true."

This prompted a response from Tom Neumayr, a spokesman for Apple, who told Mashable that it’s actually not true. Apple are going to change things around, but they certainly won't be shutting down Beats Music.

Apparently what Apple is considering, is renaming Beats Music to something else to bring the branding in line with other Apple businesses. They also want to tinker with the service’s technology to incorporate new designs and features, and making certain music exclusive to the service.

Now we are just left wondering what Apple might rename Beats to. Any ideas?