The Award For The Best Smartphone Battery Life Goes To...

Drumroll, please.

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We heard about the screen size, we heard about the bevels, we heard about the camera. But one feature that was conspicuously absent at Apple’s iPhone 6 launch in Cupertino was battery life.

At times like these you wonder whether there is even any point in having a fancy new smartphone, considering how often the battery dies, and you can't, you know, call people. It’s all well and good that phone manufacturers are trying to come up with new ideas, but nothing so far has really performed. Until now.

Folks it might be time to put your iDreams to one side, because Sony has just come out with a new phone that has almost twice the battery life of the new phone -  and it has decent specs, and looks nice. 

Image: Sony

Sony Xperia Z3Image: Sony Xperia X3 taken by Maurizio Pesce

The Sony Xperia Z3, is Sony’s newly launched phone that will give you about two days battery life (at normal usage). It’s also waterproof, and has a 20-megapixel camera. Because it is Sony, you can also run your PlayStation 4 on it via the console’s Remote Play feature. Probably best cancel that iPhone 6 order now.