The Vine That Won At The World’s Largest Short Film Festival

Seriously smart

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With the onslaught of film-related apps for the smartphone, the medium is undergoing an interesting transformation. Thanks to the ubiquity of the device, film is now a thing for the masses, not the preserve of the select few. Now anyone can create a time-lapse video, which a few years ago would have required expensive equipment. Filtering, cropping, and editing have all become part of our everyday lives - we are far more literate in film and photography than ever before.

So it’s unsurprising that the world’s largest short film festival, Sydney-based Tropfest, introduced a new category this year for the social media savvy - Tropvine. As the name suggests, the category is for Vine videos, the app that lets you create short looping six-second films.

This year’s theme was “mirror”.

Tee Ken Ng, 38, a graphic designer from Perth, Western Australia beat twenty other hopefuls to take the top award. Ng told Mashable he spent more than ten hours making the six-second film, excluding the hours he spent honing the concept. “Only after making Vines have I begun to see myself as a filmmaker," he said. Here is Ng's winning vine, with a few of his other videos.

Other finalists: