A Flying Car Is Finally Here!

Its ok guys, we are definitely in the Future now…

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While many of the far-out technologies from the sci-fi books and films of 50 years ago are now commonplace in our homes and around our cities, there is one thing which were were promised, but have yet to see: flying cars. Promising to act as both a solution to gridlock and a way to get from distant locations at greater speed, these vehicles have huge promise, but the technology to make them happen just didn't exist.

Now, a group of engineers lead by Slovak auto-designer Štefan Klein, is looking to change all that. For the last two decades they have been working on the Aeromobil, a vehicle that can both drive like a car on a normal street, as well as fly light an ultralight aeroplane.

After several prototype designs, the company managed to produce their first ever fully-functioning vehicle, the Aeromobil 2.5, flown just last year. Now, however they are about to unveil the world's first ever production-ready flying car. This vehicle, called the Aeromobil 3 will be debuted at the Pioneers Festival in Vienna, Austria on October 29.

Images: © 2014 Aeromobil.com

The Aeromobil itself features a standard petrol motor, able to drive the car when it is on the road, with the car able to reach a top driving speed of 160km/h. Then in order to take flight, wings fold out from the back of the vehicle and a rear propeller powers the craft enabling a top flight speed of 200km/h/ while in the air.

Expect to see much more of this vehicle when it is finally revealed at the end of this month.