This Is The Worst Example Of Domain Squatting We’ve Ever Seen

Making money out of tragedy…

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Domain squatting - the process of domain buying up a large number of web domains, in the hope that at some point they may become valuable to others - its a rather sketchy business at the best of times. Often, the holders of domains will resort to outright extortionary tactics in order to maximise the amount of money for which they can sell a high-value domain for. This being said, we have never seen a case as bad as this…

A US man is trying to sell the domain, for $150,000

According to reporting by the Washington Post, a Las Vegas based entrepreneur is attempting to sell the domain, for the ludicrous price of $150,000. While he bought the domain back in 2008 for less than a tenth of this price, he believes the recent spike in interest towards the disease, caused by the deadly outbreak in West Africa, justifies the huge sum.

Given that this website could be a great place for a government or NGO to launch a public health education campaign about the virus, this kind of asking price could very easily be considered unethical. These organisations are already cash-strapped and begging the international community for additional funds. Charging them a 6 figure sum for a URL which could help the fight against Ebola, amounts to a cynical form of profiting from tragedy.