Watch The Intense New Sport That Is First Person Drone Racing

Yes this is a thing…

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It seems it only takes few years for somebody to taken an emerging technology and turn it into an amazing new sport. The latest embodiment of this is the insanely hectic new activity being called ‘FPV (First Person View) Drone Racing’.

Combining virtual reality headsets and a new multi-rotor drones, pilots guide their devices through a maze of trees and other obstacles, while doing laps of a track, and racing other pilots to the finish. Due to the first person view (FPV) setup the pilots use, their perspective is one of flying through the air at a ridiculous speed, with little of the danger of doing this in real life.


Thanks to the cameras strapped to their drones, we too can now see what it is like to be in control of one of these craft. In footage akin to something out of Star Wars, the trees zip past at lightning speed, while hapless pilots crash around you along the treacherous course. Check the amazing footage out in the video below!