Move Over Smartphones! The Smartoven Is Here!

The June Oven That Can Make Awesome Food Without Your Help

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No more dabbling with temperature or checking all the time if the sear is ‘just right’. 

The MasterChef show made me want to try my hand in cooking. All those fancy techniques and mechanics to achieve ‘perfection on a plate’ is freaking hard. Gordon Ramsay please try my undercooked molten lava cake! The world-renowned chef will probably laugh and hurt my feelings but at least I got to interact with the dude right? 

This start up group from San Francisco called June has thought of a solution. Of sorts. June has come up with something called a ‘smart’ oven. It determines the type of food you put in it and will then cook it perfectly all the time. No more dabbling with temperature or checking all the time if the sear is ‘just right’. It makes cooking with the oven a breeze. No need for culinary training at the Le Cordon Bleu. 

This smart oven comes equipped with five-inch touchscreen controls, a digital scale, and Nvidia powered processors. It also comes with a wide-angle HD camera which it uses to determine the food along with some interesting algorithms. As of now the system currently recognizes a set of common food items but they plan to improve that as progress develops. 

The oven also comes with its own temperature probe that adjusts accordingly while it cooks your dinner for you. The oven currently costs $1495 in the pre-order period which June expects to ship out by spring in 2016. The price will go up to a whopping $2995 come July 10. If you want it in your kitchen then order it by June from June.