Self-Driving Cars Are Now Terrorizing The Streets Of California

That's heavy sarcasm, folks

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Well, alright. They really aren’t terrorizing anything. Actually, they’re managing a solid “neighborhood-friendly 25mph”, which is pretty much a joke - to everyone not in the vehicle, anyways.

Google’s autonomous vehicles have officially made their debut out of the test zone and on to the roads in Mountain View, California.

While I think it’s pretty exciting (considering we didn’t think we would see this tech for a minimum of one more year, and certainly not tootling around American roads by then), there is no need for alarm, or terror. All the tiny vehicles (which totally look like koalas, by the way), come outfitted with a removable steering wheel, gas pedal and brake - just in case of the worst situation.

Google announced that they would be delving into the development of autonomous vehicles just over a year ago, and made headlines on the test track last month. However, none of us expected that the cars were prepped for on-road experience! It’s kind of cool that the test track went smashingly (I suppose, anyways, or they wouldn’t be out cruising).

Before everyone panics, the technology isn’t brand spanking new. Lexus has had a kind of “been there, done that” on this whole situation. Lexus smart cars have been zipping across the US of A for quite some time now.

Anyways, here’s the video: