5 Reasons To Say No To Android 6.0 Marshmallow

Is it really worth the hype?

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Will it finally give us that flawless user experience we've been dreaming of or will it be just another upgrade with less than satisfying features?

Many are surely excited at the upcoming roll out of the new Android update 6.0 Marshmallow, but is it really worth waiting for? Will it finally give us that flawless user experience we've been dreaming of or will it be just another upgrade with less than satisfying features? Here's a list of some of its offerings and enhancements that will come our way.

1. Fingerprint Support
With its goal to standardize fingerprint support to compatible devices, Google rolled out this feature with the new Android M. Sure, it's a great feature which Apple iPhones had proven already being equipped with it for some time. But since most Android devices in the market today doesn't come with a fingerprint reader this feature seem useless for most users who will want upgrade from their respective KitKat or Lollipop versions.

2. Android Pay
They already experimented on Google Wallet in the past which didn't really gave any outstanding result, but this time Android is trying it once again in the form of Android Pay. With the promise of convenience, this feature will allow you to pay seamlessly through a simple tap of your phone on eligible card reader at different stores while also providing easy transactions in mobile shopping apps. How this feature will compete with Apple Pay and Samsung Pay, we are yet to see.

3. App Permissions
Privacy issues had arose in the past due to mandatory all-in-one App Permissions and Android Marshmallow had that in mind as they find a solution for it. This time you get to decide if an app can access your photos, videos, contacts, and others. However, with this comes the risk of having apps malfunctioning and not giving you all the promised uses it has due to restrictions you've set. Now, that will make you think if this feature is a blessing or a curse.

4. Google Now on Tap
With a promise of a great upgrade, it is expected for Google's digital personal assistant to up the ante as well. This time around, Google Now on Tap will help you as quickly as it can without you having to exit the current app you're in. Whether you're texting or listening to a new song on Spotify, you can directly ask or tap Google Now button to ask information about it. It does seem great in providing convenience but we're yet to see if it really is helpful or just another annoying addition to our user experience.

5. Doze Mode
Android 6.0 promises a significant change in battery optimization this time around with the new feature called Doze. It will intelligently determine your app activity and try its best to stretch your battery life the best it can. The downside is that as it automatically closes background apps, you won't get the latest content that you've wanted in the first place, besides there are already a multitude of apps which already accomplished this in the past.

These are the top promised features of the new Android 6.0 Marshmallow coming to our devices soon, but will it really make a big difference or once again just a new interface for our phones and tablets with less than satisfying additions? You can decide soon enough.