Samsung's Largest Offering Arrives This November

Size Does Matter for Samsung Galaxy View

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Apple and Samsung are still currently the two leading brands in both smartphones and tablets.

At 18 inches, the Samsung Galaxy View is definitely one of the largest tablet offerings in the market today. Set to be on sale this November 6, this TV-like device is priced at $599. Coincidentally it came right after the release of iPad Pro which is presently Apple's largest tablet. Apple and Samsung are still currently the two leading brands in both smartphones and tablets.

Unlike the iPad Pro though, the View doesn't sell itself for productivity. Instead it's a completely different animal that you might actually say that it promotes bumming around the house with its impeccable video streaming capabilities. It's pretty pricey for its specs especially it being only a 1080p tablet with such a big screen size.

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The Samsung Galaxy View runs on Android 5.1.1 with 2GB RAM and an octa-core 1.6GHz processor. One of its selling points though is its promise to last for 8 hours of continous video playback with the help of its 57000mAh. But with such screensize this battery promise might be stretching it.

Unlike the iPad Pro though, the Samsung Galaxy View doesn't sell itself for productivity but for pure entertainment. 

Shortcuts to Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, Twitch, Crackle Lifetime, PBS Kids, ESPN, the History Channel, and AOL On, cements that Samsung wants you to primarily watch your favorite shows with the Galaxy View. With 32GB or 64GB storage and an option for microSD card expansion, it is really set on feeding that movie buff or series addict in you.

Its design is also made to make you feel that the View is a TV that you can easily carry around your house until you find the most comfortable spot. It has a handle at the back and an option for it to stand for you to be able to watch comfortably alone or with friends and family. Portability outside is definitely not what Samsung had in mind with thiso ne as its 5 pounds might become too heavy for your liking with prolong handling but then again, it doesn't sell itself as anything else but a TV-tablet hybrid for all your entertainment needs.

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