Is The Sony Xperia Z6 Going To Be The Best Yet?

Have They Finally Improved Their Flagship Phone?

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The Mobile World Congress is just around the corner and there are some pretty exciting things on the line up from some of the biggest brands in mobile technology. LG has already announced that they have exciting news to display, scheduling an official press event the day before Mobile World Congress starts on February 22nd. The invitation was sent out this week and has some sources speculating that this means LG has big news to share. Not to be outdone, Sony has sent out their invitation for the press to attend an official event on the first day of the one of the biggest mobile conferences held every year. Released with just a simple hashtag of #SonyMWC, details about the event were scarce, but we can take a guess at what's to come. 

Sony Invite.pngSource: Sony

Released with just a simple hashtag of #SonyMWC, details about the event were scarce, but we can take a guess at what's to come. 

Last year the Japanese company showcased both a new smartphone and tablet at this event. The Xperia M4 Aqua was lighter, thinner, weather sealed and came with a dedicated camera button. While there were several unique features like the camera button that shoots in under one second, there weren't many changes in the design style of the device, which users have been wanting for quite some time now. The flagship models currently come with a metal frame and a glass black that has been the standard for a few generations now and is no longer considered to be the leading design against other competitors like Samsung. 

The Xperia Z5 was certainly an upgrade when it was released later, but it still lacks some important things when compared with the competition. The screen still only has 1080p resolution, and considering the market these days, with phones that can shoot 4K video, Sony needs to catch up with the times. That's why a better screen is anticipated for when the company releases the Xperia Z6 at a date that has yet to be announced this year. The creation of this press event before the Mobile World Congress has many fans and tech junkies speculating that this will be when Sony announces the future release date of their new flagship model. Some other rumors, or rather, expectations from Sony users are that details about the new phone will finally be leaked. So far, we really don't know much about the next generation, but users know what they would like to see and have been circulating ideas online for months.

Improvements on design are at the top of the list with suggestions of an all metal frame for the Z6 and of course, longer battery life. Users are ready for the rumored upgrade to the Snapdragon 820 processor and are hoping for something bigger from Sony, like maybe 3D touch or a fingerprint censor to compete with the likes of Apple or the Samsung Galaxy. Sony may also debut a new tablet or wearable at the upcoming event, giving users something to look forward to on several new platforms.