5 Things We Can't Wait For At Mobile World Congress 2016

Major Brands, Major Announcements

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Mobile World Congress is just around the corner and, like every year, some of the biggest names in smartphone technology will be showing up with the best they've got. We've got high hopes for brands like Sony and HTC who are long overdue to give us a smartphone with some real bang. The market has grown new expectations for flagship phones over the last year and tech giants are challenged to bring users and fans something they really want to see. Mobile World Congress is an annual event and the world's largest exhibition for the mobile industry that usually includes appearances from some of the biggest names in the business. The conference includes manufacturers, designers, content owners and vendors from more than 200 countries. So who are we looking forward to hearing from next month? Take a look at our top 5 big hitters. 

Mobile World Congress is an annual event and the world's largest exhibition for the mobile industry and usually includes appearances from some of the biggest names in the business.

1. Samsung - The flagship phone we've all been waiting for, the Galaxy S7 is supposed to launch in late February or early March. Samsung is the top player at MWC this year with rumors of a new wearable to show also that looks a lot like the Gear 2 but can be worn on other places of the body.  The Galaxy S7 is said to be the the biggest competition for the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus, announcing last year that they would be adding pressure sensitive display shortly after Apple introduced 3D Touch with "Quick Actions" and "Peek and Pop." The Galaxy S7 should have an upgraded processor along with 4GB RAM. Other possible features include a microSD slot and a 12 mega pixel rear camera along with a 5 mega pixel front camera. The Galaxy S7 could become the leading phone on the market and is expected to be revealed on February 21st, right before the conference begins.

2. LG - LG was the first player in the game to announce that it would showcase a flagship phone at MWC next month. The Korean tech giant sent out an invitation confirming that it would release what will probably be called the LG G5 the day before the conference officially begins. LG has historically tried to release its flagship phones away from when competitors announce, so they'll really be ahead of the game by launching in February. What could we see with the LG G5? We're hoping the new flagship will come with the 820 Snapdragon processor and maybe a 5.4 inch Quad HD display for the screen. The dual selfie camera that is on the popular LG V10 would also be a nice addition.

3. Sony - Not to be outdone, Sony sent out a web invitation a day later with the simple hashtag #SonyMWC to let the press know that there would be a conference on the first day, February 22nd, for the Japanese electronics giant. Sony is long overdue for an update to the Xperia Z5 and would finally be joining the competiton with an update that can hang with the likes of the Samsung Galaxy S6. With 1080p resolution, the Xperia Z5 is a little behind the times, but Sony has a chance to lead the pack with design if the company decides to go with the all metal framing and body, making the new flagship look more sleek and advanced. They'll need to add something like 3D Touch or the fingerprint sensor to really work their way to first place. Hopefully, we'll finally learn the release date of the Xperia Z6 and some more details about what the next generation will feature. 

4. HTC - Oh how we've waited for some improvements from this manufacturer. HTC's latest smartphone, the HTC One A9 had some nice changes, but we're desperate to see some real progress from this brand. Hopefully the next flagship model will have extended battery life and an improved camera. Will the Mobile World Congress be the event where they finally release the HTC One M10? The rumor mill says no, with several sites saying at the moment that HTC will move forward an early spring launch sometime in March or April. But, rumors are just that, so hopefully we will find out something new about the HTC One M10 at MWC. 

5. Apple - Just kidding. Apple thinks they're too good to hang out with the rest of the cool kids at MWC. Historically, they've virtually shunned the event as a place to reveal their products and prefer stand alone events as opposed to inserting themselves with the competition. All the world's a stage for Apple, just as long as no one else is on it. They may get a chance to see what Samsung is up to and make improvements by the time they launch the suspected iPhone 7 in September. 

Mobile World Congress will be held in Barcelona, Spain from February 22nd - February 25th. There will be announcements of new mobile devices, tablets and even wearables this time around. Stay tuned for leaks, reveals and all the updates from the major mobile players next month.