12 Hours After It Goes Live, This Is The Most Downloaded App

Supercell Is Making Money Fast

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The creators of Clash of Clans are at it again with a new app for mobile gaming that's becoming super popular and is making money at the same time. Clash of Clans is already played by gamers young and old, and allows teams of players to work together to defend their bases or to raid others to gain resources. As you can imagine, it's quite addicting and requires constant maintenance to ensure that your clan is not attacked and that your base stays intact. Some gamers have been known to never close their app so that their base doesn't become vulnerable to attack from other troops. So, it might not come as a surprise that this new app has gotten so popular this quickly, but it's an accomplishment to rise to the top of the download charts as fast as Clash Royale is doing currently. 

Within just 12 hours of its release, Clash Royale surged to the top of the charts on the Apple App Store

Within just 12 hours of its release, Clash Royale surged to the top of the charts on the Apple App Store according to data from Sensor Tower. Clash Royale is a free app but that doesn't mean it's not making money. In this article from Venture Beat, Sensor Tower has also reported that Clash Royale is already the 7th highest grossing app on iPhone and comes in at 25th place for iPad as well. While the app is free to download, people who are using it are dropping cash like crazy on in-app purchases to better their gaming experience. 

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So what does this hot mobile gaming app have to offer? Touch Arcade's review of the game describes it as a "hybrid of card games, RTS, MOBA, and awesome." Clash Royale includes everything from having to collecting cards to discovering very extensive new multiplayer online battle arenas. Players will be familiar with the system but Clash Royale will feature the option to battle other players in real time, focusing on one-on-one duels against other human players. It's a more simplified version of online mobile gaming that involves card collecting and it's fairly easy for people not well versed in real-time strategy techniques to pick up the rules quickly.

If you're still not sure about how to play, the game features Clash TV which will allow you to see replays of what other leading players have done to help you learn and also take a glimpse into what kind of play will happen on the next level up. You can be one of the many people making in-app purchases to get yourself to the next level or you can go the long route and team up with other clans to fortify your base and try your best to defend yourself. Think Clash Royale sounds pretty awesome? Download it here and start playing today!